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A pile of sediment out of the bottom of a water heater. Sediment is one of the topics of Water Heaters 101
The combustion chamber of our own water heater looks pretty good after 42 years because it has received maintenance
A tech caulks a commercial water heater inner cover before replacing it after doing service on a water heater in apartments
An example of troubleshooting shows where a piece of a commercial water heater vent has fallen
A Holyoke tankless water heater with the heating coils shown from the Weingarten antique collection in the Fun Stuff section
The logo for The Tank, a Q&A water heater forum

This site comprises 450 pages of information on water heater maintenance, safety and troubleshooting, and it's been around for more than 20 years. Key sections comprise:

There is a lot of free information here, but we also offer economical consultations that can save you time, money and grief. Our focus is solving problems, not merchandising. It might be something you buy, but it also might be something you do

One more thing: we provide detailed instructions with our products, but also, we provide customer service. If you run into issues, e-mail us, and we'll probably have answers that will solve your problem

Water Heaters 101

This used to be called Water Heater Basics and that's how we often think of it. It's a giant section, so we won't describe it all right here, but key topics include:

Water Heater Maintenance

Now an offshoot of WH 101, these topics are:

Water Heaters in Apartments

If you can save money maintaining ONE water heater, think how much you save maintaining a thousand! Or commercial tanks that cost thousands of dollars. Includes pages on:


This section has a variety of resources. One requires explanation. For 19 years, we ran a problem-solving forum called The Tank. Eventually people stopped posting there, so we removed it, but at the end, there were 5,000 topics and 20,000 posts. Tanklets takes the most important of these and continues in static HTML pages with a subject index. Look there first for answers to problems.

We ARE a business, so we sell solid and flexible magnesium sacrificial water heater anodes for replacement when your factory anode is consumed so that you don't find yourself with a leaking water heater. Also, we are one of the very few who sell curved dip tubes for sediment (also known as scale) control; sediment buildup contributes to water heater failure and electric element failure, and sometimes contributes to odor issues.

And we have solid and flexible aluminum/zinc anodes and powered anodes (impressed-current) to use in smelly water heaters. And other stuff, too, such as sediment flush kits and Larry Weingarten's Water Heater Workbook.

Random Musings

Everybody has opinions. A few are able to get theirs published. I got tired of having mine bounce around inside my head. Read if you dare. Not about water heaters, anyway.

What Our Customers Say About Us

After I ordered and paid, Randy contacted me to suggest lowering the payment because I had ordered the same item 2x and didn't need 2 manuals, then he refunded me extra money. Who does THAT? While installing the parts, I contacted him a couple more times with questions, he was always helpful and responsive. In short, it's great to do business with someone who simply cares about quality and customer service. -- Elizabeth, Yelm, WA

I ended up using one of the sizing tools you recommended. It suggested around 50 gallons. I was able to find a 30 gallon that would fit so I went with two of them. It was actually smaller than the electric options I looked at so everything worked out well. The $30 for your consultation is far and away the best $30 I have ever spent. In no time, you had me comfortable with the direction to take and you suggested options that my plumbers never thought of after two visits and many days of “research.”

After two plumber visits, their only advice was that they were unable to find a water heater that would fit the space, told me not to waste time maintaining my water heater in the future because water heaters only last ten or so years anyway and they have now stopped returning my calls. This is after they came out on a second visit with a water heater that wouldn’t fit the space. After that visit, their plan was to come out with a 22” diameter water heater which would be about 26” with the controls, even though the space is only 22” deep. They were going to “squeeze it in somehow.”
It is so refreshing to get advice from someone that provides the truth. It makes me realize how rare this is these days. Thanks for the superb advice and for taking the time to create such a great site. -- Doug, Lake Bluff, IL

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