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    I recently removed the pilot orifice from a Richmond water heater to clean and the pilot tube accidentally twisted off from the bottom of this ferrule during removal.  Will a standard brass ferrule work or do I need to find the correct ferrule that’s pictured in the center that was originally on the pilot tube.


    I presume the upper item in the photo is the actual orifice. The center piece appears to be a reducing ferrule, which may be tough to find. I think a standard ferrule would seat too far forward in the orifice. BUT…

    Other, far more experienced, minds will offer more helpful advice. Good luck.

    Larry Weingarten

    Hi, If I were doing this for a client, my only choice would be to install a new pilot assembly. It may be possible to jury-rig something, but slow and right is better than quick and iffy.

    Yours,  Larry

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