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    Hello everyone,

    I have a small trailer and only need to get hot water to my shower and my sink. They are literally within feet of each other. I also need to be very mindful of electricity as we are almost off grid here.

    Just tried the eccotemp l5 and very dissapointed. It’s run on propane so it solves the electricity problem but I can’t get it to stay hot for more than a minute. Any advice for a super simple water heater just to take a shower and do a few dishes? I’m not a plumber so I’d rather not tear the house apart or pay 300-400 for installation if possible. It doesn’t have to be run on propane but I don’t want some huge tank that heats up water and drains electric all the time.

    Thanks for your time!

    Larry Weingarten

    Hello, This may be a bit too out-of-the-box thinking, but how about rigging up some sort of “solar shower”? That is simply a black bag full of water that hangs up high enough to give some pressure, and is warmed by the sun. It’s not a year round solution, but possibly getting creative with heating water for a five gallon bucket and then hoisting it up could give a modest shower even in non-sunny weather.

    If you have 120 volts, there are more choices, like the very well insulated Marathon heater.

    Yours, Larry


    You should get the stiebel eltron mini. It requires just 120V electricity. See in an indepth review here before actually buying it.


    I agree.


    if you are using solar power in your home than Crompton Greaves solarium 3 ltr water heater is the best water heater. its very effective as per power consumption.
    and if you using electricity in your home than go with the AO SMITH- HSE-SGS-006 its a best water heater for kitchen and bathroom.

    Nishan singh


    I recommend Rinnai Indoor tankless water heater, very satisfied with it. It also saves my family money on electricity. The water heater is very efficient and runs hot in less than a minute. The temperature setting is very precise and easy to set. Just select the temperature, turn it on.

    Larry Weingarten

    Hi, How does the tankless save you electricity? The site you link to is about propane heaters, and propane is about as expensive as electricity in many areas.

    yours,  Larry

    Randy Schuyler

    This has been a common occurrence in the past, where somebody dredges up an old topic, appears to reply to it and adds a link to some site selling something. That’s not allowed here. Since Larry answered, I’ll leave it but deactivate the link. If I see another, though, I’ll remove the user from the database.

    Randy Schuyler as Admin


    I recommend ECOTOUCH ECO55. This water heater heats water very fast, very simple to install.

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