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    Randy Schuyler

    I just moved from California to Nacogdoches, TX, to a rental. I finally deduced the other day that I have no hot water. I showered in the master bathroom in a tight stall, and it was lukewarm, but now I know that is because the pipes heated up during the day.

    I didn’t like the stall, so finally got a shower rod and curtain for the hall bathroom, and that is when I realized there is no hot water there, either. I ran the hot for five minutes to no avail. At first, I suspected a cross connection, but the test for that didn’t pan out.

    Then I went to the water heater, a brand-new Rheem gas model. Not on pilot, but “on.” But the flex lines above it are cold, so I infer the heater is, too.

    So Larry, tomorrow a plumber will come and figure it out. Maybe the FVIR triggered and the glass vial is broken, or maybe it broke in transit. Or maybe something else. Stay tuned.

    Randy Schuyler

    Larry Weingarten

    It would be a bit of a drive for a service call, but what I’d do if I were there would be first check the gas supply. Are there other gas appliances that work? If there is gas, then I’d put the control back to pilot and see if I could get the spark ignition to work. Will the pilot light? will it stay lit when you let the knob up? I’ll be curious to learn what the plumber finds. 😉


    Yours,  Larry

    Randy Schuyler

    The plumber relit it. Because the flames initially showed yellow, he surmised that the gas supply might have been dirty and that could even have caused it to go out initially.

    He also said that Rheem has finally got past their glass-vial FVIR setup.

    Randy Schuyler

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