Shutting Down and Long Term Heater Storage

The Tank Shutting Down and Long Term Heater Storage

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    I have (2) 75 gal. water heaters installed in my new home by the previous owner.  This is WAY over-kill for my family and I want to shut one down, to save on energy costs, but also thinking that I can save it for later when the one I will use for the coming years breaks down.  I’m thinking of emptying and leaving the connections open to dry out so it wont rust, but are there any suggestions for something I may not be considering.  In general, the question is how to “preserve” this 2nd heater for future use.

    Randy Schuyler

    This is kind of interesting. I switched from my old platform to WordPress about seven months ago. When I saw your question, I thought I remembered an entry in Tanklets for out-of-service water heaters but it doesn’t show in the index of the current site. Well, I’m getting ready to switch back because I don’t like WordPress, and lo and behold, there WAS such an entry that I didn’t copy over.

    But the answers given said no more than what you’re proposing. If you can get the interior good and dry, you should be OK. Larry Weingarten, who knows the most about water heaters might have something to add here, but that was his advice previously.

    When the site changes over, this URL will become, but there will be links to it all over the place on

    Randy Schuyler

    Larry Weingarten

    Hello, Getting the tank completely dry is important to keep it from rusting. Any sediment will hold water and promote rusting, so do what you can to flush any sediment from the tank. This could involve tipping it towards its drain and using a hose to spray water down from the top of the tank.  Lots of ventilation is good too.

    For situations where the tank cannot be dried, leave it full of water with a good anode to keep rust at bay.

    Yours,  Larry

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